Mask Refresher Spray
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Mask Refresher Spray

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  • 4 different blends carefully formulated for your benefit behind your masks.

 MINTY FRESH (Peppermint + Lemon) - Best for refreshing your mask while freshening your breath.

CALM (Lavendar + Lemon + Rosemary) - Best for refreshing your mask while calming your nerves.

JUST BREATHE (Eucalyptus + Tea Tree) - Best for refreshing your mask and opening your airways.   
ENERGIZE (Orange + Bergamont) -
Best for easing nerves and promoting energy.  

Behind our masks, our breath naturally creates a smell after wearing them for hours at a time.  Our sprays delay masks from having an odor fast throughout the time wearing as well as providing benefits from the different blends. 

 Spritz the inside or outside of your mask before wearing it to freshen.